A woman identified as, Lawiza Muazu, has dragged her husband to court for domestic violence.

The Presiding Magistrate, Garba Abubakar, adjourned the hearing to Monday, January 24, 2022, to enable the woman, Lawiza, to present her witnesses.

Lawizu sued her husband identified simply as Alhaji Muazu before an area court for allegedly biting her while they were quarrelling.

Lawiza alleged that the husband also beats her regularly when they have misunderstandings.

According to her, “The latest quarrel we had was when I refused to cook food for the house. My action was a result of the non-provision of firewood or charcoal by him.

“When he beat me for the first time, I went home, but my father asked me to go back. My husband later resorted to biting me after the beating. He would bite my fingers for refusing to cook food.”

She, therefore, asked the court to dissolve her marriage with Muazu saying she could no longer tolerate him.

Responding to the allegations, the husband Muazu denied biting and beating Lawiza.

He said, “She refused to cook for one week which contravened the gentleman agreement that my two wives will serve food to the house on their cooking days.”

Muazu explained that as a result of that the co-wife Jummai refused to give Lawiza the food she prepared.

“In protest of not being served by her co-wife, Lawiza got hold of me demanding for her right. She put her hands in my pocket trying to remove money by force. It was as a result of it that quarrel ensued between us but I never bit her,” Muazu added.