Award winning Nigerian singer, Rudeboy, has hit out at those criticizing Tiwa Savage over her s*xtape saying he hopes they can discuss their own if it cast like this.

Tiwa Savage has become an object of ridicule to some people while others drag her while reacting to the $3xtape saga and it’s actually becoming too much as every single person has something to say about it and Rudeboy has blasted them.

Rudeboy shared on his Instagram page saying he hopes when those dragging and criticizing Tiwa Savage’s own cast they can discuss it with their full chest now that everyone has turned into a blogger and has something to say.

According to Rudeboy, some people are just feeding on the mistake other people make and it’s very unfair taking into consideration the caliber of person that was involved in this whole $3xtape drama online.

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Are we safe to insinuate that Rudeboy is fighting for Tiwa Savage over this because he knows his issue will soon hit the net and doesn’t want to be dragged or he’s just showing concern as a colleague to Tiwa Savage?

Rudeboy seems to have a better approach that people could use when such issues hit the net since he’s not finding it pleasant with the way it’s going but unfortunately, he didn’t give us any idea how to go about it.

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