Gida Bless in the mud as Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi kiss, make up

Fans of Nollywood stars, Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi are excite over their kiss and makeup at an event in Lagos that was held over the weekend, thereby putting junior actor Ibrahim Sulaimon aka Gida Bless to shame, as he was pinpointed to be the reason for their fight.

Kemi Afolabi and her best friend, Laide Bakare parted ways after it was found that he was sleeping with the two of them.

Kemi Afolabi and Laide Bakare used to be one of the strongest bonds in the movie industry as they always like putting on same outfits, going to parties and doing almost everything together, they often call each other “my twinee” whenever they put up PDAs on their Instagram pages.

 Gida Bless in the mud as Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi kiss, make up

Things however went sour between them after Kemi Afolabi reportedly found that her sugar boy, Gida was also servicing Laide Bakare. Although Laide Bakare denied the allegations, the two friends ensured to stay away from each other.

They however reunited with joy at an event over the weekend, rocking the same outfit and using the twinee title for each other, an act that has sparked jubilation among their fans.

In a video from the event as seen below, Laide Bakare who recently acquired a mansion of N100million and two luxury cars kept holding on to and exchanging pleasantries with Kemi Afolabi who is presently battling a terminal illness called Lupus.