In what will come across as a really startling development, a family in the Oruk Anam Local government area of Akwa Ibom State has petitioned the police.

The family petitioned the police after the village council chairman allegedly ordered the exhumation of the corpse of a family member on grounds that some items were not offered by the deceased family.

The corpse of Aniefiok Daniel Bassey, from Usung Itiat village, was allegedly exhumed on the orders of the village council chairman, Chief Aniedu Thompson Okon.

According to reports, the deceased passed away on July 23, 2021, at age 61, and was buried on September 25, 2021.

Okon, alongside four others, reportedly exhumed the remains of the late man from his grave, at around 8 pm.

The petition which was signed by Uduak Effiong Bassey, a cousin to the deceased, says before the burial, Okon demanded one goat, five tubers of yam, a jar of palm wine, one crate of mineral, one carton of beer, among others.

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Bassey said Okon, in a letter on September 26, said that the items must be provided as a condition before the remains of Late Aniefiok Daniel Bassey could be buried.

The village council chairman accused the deceased of committing an “abominable act” which had resulted in the Council banning him from village activities. He also allegedly threatened the family that there will be no burial if his demands are not complied with.

Effiong said that although he was afraid that the funeral proceeding might be disrupted owing to the alleged threats by Chief Thompson, however, the deceased was buried peacefully.

“I am Mr. Uduak Effiong Bassey of Usung Atiat Village, Oruk Anam Local Government Area, a cousin to Late Aniefiok Daniel Bassey, I write to you on the above subject matter as follows:

“That I was the Chief Mourner in the burial of my Cousin, Late Aniefiok Daniel Bassey who passed-on on 23rd July 2021 and was buried on 25th September, 2021 at Usung Atiat village, Oruk Anam L.G.A. (A copy of the funeral programme is herewith attached for your perusal).

“That on 20th September 2021, one Aniedu Okon Thompson served me with a letter dated 20th Sept. 2021 and captioned “Formal Notification” demanding 1 she-goat, 5 Tubers of yam, 1 jar of palm wine, 1 crate of mineral, 1 carton of beer, 1 bottle of kaikai, 1 bottle of lord’s gin, garden egg, tobacco, Ntuen Ibok, condiments, and firewood as a condition before the remains of late Anlefiok Daniel Bassey can be buried. (A copy of the said letter is herewith annexed).

“That the above Aniedu Thompson (who is the Village Chairman of Usung Atiat Village) in addition to his letter, verbally threatened me that there will be no burial if his demands are not complied with and this was witnessed by one Silas Akifa, the burial Planning Committee Secretary.

“That it is my information that though I was afraid that the funeral proceeding might be disrupted sequel to the threats by Aniedu Thompson but that never happened and the deceased was buried peacefully.

“Surprisingly on or at about 8:00 pm, I was shocked to witness Mr.Aniedu Okon Thompson, Ikobong John, Udo Lincoln, Udo Iboro Akpanusen, Mfon Sunday Udoakpan and some other unknown persons exhuming the remains of late Aniefiok Bassey from his grave.

“That I, full of shock, sneaked back to my house which is nearby and informed Silas Akifa of the development and the said Silas Akifa together with me were able to identify the above persons desecrating the remains of late Aniefiok Bassey, firing gunshots into the air and eventually dumped the corpse of Late Aniefiok Bassey by a bush track and covered the grave. (A copy of the picture of the exhumed corpse of late Aniefiok Bassey is herewith attached).

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“That I contend that as at the time of writing this petition, the corpse of late Aniefiok Bassey is still left abandoned by a bush track and this constitutes abomination, an act that is capable of plunging the village into crises.

“Consequent on the forgoing, Sir, most respectfully, I urge on you, as a matter of urgency, to intervene in this matter and bring the culprits to justice to forestall break down of law and order in Usung Atiat Village. I appreciate your prompt and positive response in advance.”