Police officer stabs his colleague to death

A police officer has allegedly stabbed his colleague, Sergeant Yerin Sapele, to death over a minor misunderstanding in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

Police officer stabs his colleague to death

According to reports, the officers who were good friends were at a wedding reception on Thursday, November 4, when an argument ensued between them over an undisclosed issue.

“We tried to separate them during the argument, to prevent them from fighting, but they refused. I and my friends took the deceased in our car to his house just to stop them from fighting. We were called less than 30 minutes after dropping him off that he has been stabbed to death,” a source said.

It was gathered that the deceased was rushed to the hospital but was confirmed dead on arrival. His corpse was thereafter deposited in a morgue in the state.

Police officer stabs his colleague to death
The two colleague together

Confirming the incident, a media aide to Bayelsa state Governor, Bodmas Kemepadei, said they clashed over a minor misunderstanding.

“Two friends, they are both police officers, they eat, play and work together, they are Ijaws, from the same area,”

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“But yesterday, owing to a minor misunderstanding they had at a wedding, one (the accused in the photo) reportedly stabbed the other (victim in the photo) to death.

“Very sad story. Who now caters for the kids of the deceased, his young wife is now a widow Let’s stop killing breadwinner’s, let’s stop killing ourselves” , he wrote.

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Police officer stabs his colleague to death