Nurse and patient

A nurse has taken to Twitter to narrate a bizarre encounter with a patient whose skin could not be penetrated with a needle.

According to the nurse identified as @harophiat on the micro-blogging platform, she tried administering intramuscular injection for a patient, however, after several attempts the injection wouldn’t just go in.

Confused on what the problem was, she noted that she reported the challenge to her superior. It was later discovered that the man had ‘fortified his body’ so that no metal; bullets or knives, can penetrate his skin.

Narrating the incident, the nurse wrote,

“Guyyssss!!! So I tried giving a man intramuscular injection. God!!!! It didn’t enter I swear😩😩. I reported to my superior because I felt really dumb (no be today I dey give injection na) Turns out he had used numerous fortifications against metals!!!”

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Reacting to her tweet other nurses shared their similar experiences. Another nurse narrated how a man he insisted on a ritual before surgery.