Nollywood Actress, Regina Askia and her husband
Nollywood Actress, Regina Askia and her husband Rudy Williams

Veteran Nollywood actress, Regina Askia has revealed that she has separated from her abusive husband, Rudy Williams.
The award winning actress echoed this in a “honest conversation” with her son, Lil Rudy Jnr. In the alleged video she can be seen with her son Rudy Jnr having a heart to heart conversation in which she revealed to her son that she has separated from his dad after suffering domestic, emotional and verbal abuse.
Read the conversation in the video below:
Your father at that point, his head was not really investing in our relationship, he wanted to be wherever he wanted to be, and it was not something I signed up for, and we had a lot of fights and quarrels.
“And some things you can’t really forget and forgive. We kind of separated and went our different ways, I was in the house, he was just away.
She continued: “We fought a lot, physically and verbally, even emotionally, we fought a lot, and he resorted to using his hands, but I cut him down with my mouth.
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“Things didn’t go well and the children were in the middle, it wasn’t a good family situation, so we separated. Unfortunately we separated when you were a baby.