Nollywood actor and producer, Zubby Michael and Prophet Odumeje
Award winning Nollywood actor and producer, Zubby Michael, has taken to his social media page to hit out at those who claimed that he got spiritual powers from Onitsha-based controversial clergyman, Odumeje.
The actor can be seen in numerous videos with the controversial Pastor, dancing and spraying money, even during deliverance which prompted many to claim that he was one of Odumeje’s staunch church members.
This development has now angered the Actor as he took to his Instagram page to hit back at his critics spreading false claims that he got spiritual powers for his Nollywood success from Prophet Odumeje.
Zuby in his video posted on his IG page alleged that that he had known the pastor as a friend back in Onitsha, he also stated that he doesn’t go to church, and that Odumeje had once graced his housewarming party by spraying out over 1 million naira in cash while he reciprocated the gesture by giving N500,000 during the pastor’s birthday party, which prompted their tight friendship.
Read his full statement below:
The lion, Odumeje. Where is he leading you all? You guys can enjoy all the drama but I hate it when you say, ‘that’s where Zubby got powers from, he made Zubby successful’,” Zubby explained.
“Are you sick? The thunder that will fire those making such claims will come from Adamawa! I’m not denying he’s my friend way back from Onitsha. But does that mean I go there to pray?
“Odumeje is my guy, not my pastor. Don’t be stupid. I don’t go to church. I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious. So I hate it when you tag me in your unnecessary drama.
“Especially Tunde Ednut. Are you stupid? Why are you promoting unnecessary drama? Don’t you see what others promote? You’re a fool. I’m saying this because of my fans.
“Odumeje is my guy; during my house warming, he came and sprayed one point something million. He invited me during his birthday, I went there sprayed N500k.
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“But, because of that, people are already making false claims. Stop that nonsense. He’s my friend, not my pastor. If you want me in your own show, then pay me and I’ll definitely come.

Watch the video below: