Media Personality, Stephanie Coker,

Popular Media Personality, Stephanie Coker, has stated that more value needs to be placed on people’s lives in Nigeria.

She stated this via her Insta-stories while Reacting to the 21-storey building that collapsed in Ikoyi on Monday, November 1st.

Stephanie who took to social media to lament, noted that people are living haphazardly in Nigeria and constantly subjected to emotional trauma.

According to her, citizens are now desensitized to some of the most horrific accidents, seeing it as normal.

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She wrote,

“We are living haphazardly in Nigeria and subjected to so much emotional trauma. We have to pray about everything because bare minimum standards are nonexistence in most sectors in Nigeria. Citizens have become desensitize to some of the most horrific accidents. It’s not normal for a trailer to fall on a car, it is not normal for a building to collapse…

“I couldn’t even sleep last night jut thinking about the human beings trapped in Ikoyi. There needs to be more value placed on All human life in Nigeria”.

Media Personality, Stephanie Coker, post