Nigera fighter jet

A child-fighter, Muhammad Yusuf, who was named after the Boko Haram founder, has been confirmed dead.

According to a report, Yusuf was killed some days ago by a military airstrike at the Bukar Mairam enclave of the rebels in Marte Local Government Area of Borno State.

Before his death, Yusuf was a commander at Bukar Mairam, holding the leadership title of Rijal Amne (Trustworthy man).

The boy’s father, Goni Maina, was the former commander (governor of the Lake Chad) of the terrorist group, the Islamic State of West Africa.

Maina was killed in December 2020 during an air raid jointly conducted by the Nigerian Army and Air Force.

The air raid at the time also led to the elimination of more than 100 insurgents including several high-ranking insurgents’ commanders, foot soldiers and Hisbah police from the ISWAP faction, late Abubakar Shekau faction and foreign mercenaries.

Yusuf’s father was appointed governor of Lake Chad in July 2020 after the reign of Amir Baba Kaka was toppled by other Boko Haram commanders.

Maina was a khadi (judge) in the terrorist group before becoming a governor.

His reign ended on December 1, 2020 when he was killed by military airstrikes.

Sources said his son, Yusuf, was appointed commander after his death.