Man tragically dies after his partner pulled out his private part
A Zimbabwean man has tragically lost his life after his lover pulled out his private part during a fight.
The 49-year-old man identified as Christopher Muchenga lost his life after his lover Mbuya Ropafadzo pulled out his member during a scuffle.
In a statement released by his family’s spokesperson, Margaret Kamwaza, Mr. Christopher decided to have a quality time with Mbuya Ropafadzo after receiving his salary payment before one thing led to another and they got into a fight which ended a sad way for him.
She said;
“We have lost a loving brother and circumstances to his death is painful considering that he was merry making with his lover after receiving money meant to support the family.
“He was reported to have received money from a piece job and went to a shebeen where he hooked up with his lover.
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“They spent the whole night and upon arriving at the lover’s house they were reported to have made noise that awakened neighbours and the lover pulled him his private parts and breathed his last.”