A young lady with username @divamonroe2uhoe has taken to her twitter handle to narrate how a doctor violated her confidentiality by calling her husband to confirm that he knows about her coming to the hospital to get an intrauterine device.
She stated that the doctor insisted on calling her husband to confirm that he consented to the procedure, even though she had told him (the doctor) that she has discussed with her husband about getting the IUD to help prevent “pregnancy” especially during this COVID-19 period.
The lady added that the doctor gave her an IUD which will be removed in 3 years time instead of 5 years which she demanded for,
Read her story below;
My doctor called my husband to make sure HE was okay with ME getting an IUD for the next 5 years. So there’s the highlight of my day.
What if my husband didn’t know? What if he was abusing me? What if I escaped him & decided i didn’t want kids? You called him because he “has a right to know” that I don’t want kids? What??
I called my husband before the appointment, crying. We discussed the IUD at length. He said not to get it, we could have a happy accident. But I don’t want that. Not during covid. So he agreed. IUD is best for our family.
She literally came in the room and said “okay I talked to your husband and he said no more kids for you guys hahaha, take off your pants now” WAIT BITCH WHAT YOU SAY??
This pussy has been around the world & has always belonged to me and me only.
This is the woman who has delivered both of my sons. Yes we had a relationship with her outside of the office, so I get how she felt comfortable with my husband. But let’s not mix personal friendship & my fucking healthcare.
The whole thing was shady as fuck. First they told me that my insurance has to authorize it & it would take 3 days. I said no. I’m here today. They asked me to return to the waiting room. 10 min later the medical assistant called me back to the room.
Then when I got in there, my doctor returned, told me she got the okay from my husband & handed me a fucking Skyla IUD pamphlet. Wait.. what about insurance?? I thought they had to authorize the IUD!?
I asked her about 3 times, Who did she call & each time she said my husbands name I envisioned knocking her head off. I am livid.
But at this point i can’t argue with her. I need this IUD & I don’t have time to be rescheduled. I’m at her mercy cause her schedule is out too far and I’ll be pregnant this week if I don’t get it. Complete Bullshit. Tears in my eyes as I’m laying on my back.
Oh but wait! I was so out of it that I didn’t read the IUD pamphlet. She wrote down my date to have it taken out and handed it to me. 8/26/2023?? I asked for the 5 year IUD!? She said “I think 3 year is better for your & your husband” & behind my mask, my mouth dropped open.
I asked her why did she call my husband & she said that when a woman gets her tubes tied, her husband has to be notified. I said, this is an IUD, completely reversible. She said “Men want to know if wife can’t have baby.” And I decided then that I would have to report her.
Getting an IUD was an extremely hard decision for me. I literally cried on the way to the office thinking about not having a daughter like I dreamed. So this entire experience today has sent me to a weird space I wasn’t expecting.
How dare this doctor that I trusted with my life, my babies, take the power over my body, away from me.
I have known my HiPPA rights since I was a teen. I needed to know that my parents couldn’t find out about my sexual activity. Not to mention i worked for a major healthcare company for years. I know this was a violation. I just don’t understand why it happened to me.
Do you know what it feels like to want more kids but for the safety of your own life, you have to stop? Do you know how fucking heartbreaking that is? Now I have stood 10 toes down & made that decision & you consult my fucking husband first??
I am realizing what happened to me & I’m in shock. Even when she was done inserting the IUD, she said to me “I have to trim the strings so your husband doesn’t feel them.” What is even happening??? You are trimming strings to the IUD for the sake of my husbands dick? You’re thinking about that right now?? What??
I was already grieving the loss of future children.. now I’m having racing thoughts about how I was violated and how everyone felt like it was casual.

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I feel like the HIPPA violation with my husband is one thing. But then, giving me an IUD with less time, 3 years instead of 5, is some other type of violation. Her excuse was it was better for my family. But when I said “what about me??” She said “it has low dose hormone.”
Looks like it’ll be me, some wine with a side of postpartum depression tonight.