Harry Kane
Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Tottenham Hotspur will sign a new striker before the transfer window closes.
The Tottenham Hotspur Manager stated that the new addition will help spearhead his team’s attack for the new season.
He said: “I want, I need a striker,” Mourinho said. “But I want to make it very, very clear that the club knows that I need a striker and they also want a striker.”
He added: “Are we going to get one? I believe so, I honestly believe so. The team needs it for the balance of the squad.”
He also confirmed that the new signing would not necessarily act as a “back-up” for the England captain and could possibly play alongside Kane.
“I don’t like that word back-up,” he said. “I know we have one of the best strikers in the world. The best striker in England. But I don’t like the word back-up. A squad is a squad.
“A striker can play with Harry Kane. A striker who comes here won’t be filling the back-up situation.
“It’s not to support us in such a difficult season. It’s also to try and play. And why not play with Harry?”