Muhammadu Buhari and Russian President Vladimir Putin
Muhammadu Buhari and Russian President Vladimir Putin

An average Nigerian will agree that the country has been in a downward trend since President Muhammadu Buhari was elected as president in the year 2015.
Our dear president promised Nigerians change as has never seen before, but things have not worked out as was hoped.
Commodities and fuel are on the high and an average Nigerian feeling the heat and the economy on a downward spiral like never seen before.
He President Buhari promised the nation that if elected, he’ll make the price of dollar equal to naira and drastically reduce fuel prices. Unfortunately reverse has been the case with the price of dollar now 450 per naira exchange rate and the price of fuel now N151.00 as approved by the government a week ago.
When it comes to insecurity in the country, it hasn’t worked out either as was promised during President Buhari’s campaign, meaning that all the campaign promises by Buhari none have been met.
Insecurity has become the norm in the nation, with Boko Haram and bandits on the rise in northern Nigeria and Southern Kaduna respectively, with the later becoming worse on each passing day.
The president recently echoed that he has done all he could to tackle insecurity in the country which was perceived as indirectly revealed that he will welcome foreign help with open arms to help tackle insecurity caused by Islamic terrorists in the country.
Recently, former Nigerian head of state, Chief Olusagun Obasanjo stated that the country has gone backwards since Buhari’s led administration took over power. The comments caused commotion among Nigerian two biggest political parties (PDP and APC) as usual with many siding on the former head of state.
The president has already shown the type of man he is, as he has been silencing his opponents as per his newly approved “hate speech” law which allows the Nigerian authority to fine/arrest anyone found speaking ill against his administration.
This has been viewed by Nigerians as a way to silence anyone who speaks ill of his administration and subsequently silencing true journalism in the country.
As a Nigerian, I think its high time for us to look inwardly and start preparing to elect a worthy president come 2023 presidential election as its obvious that the current administration has already failed the nation.

About the author:

Prof Emeka Agu is a Journalist and Lecturer and holds PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication