Oduduwa Republic leader, Adams has stated that it is a very big possibility that South West can separate from Nigeria without war or shading any blood.
Adams said for Nigeria to remain as a unit, President Muhammadu Buhari must not ignore renewed calls for restructuring.
He noted that the call for Oduduwa Republic became necessary as the Nigerian state was failing.
He was quoted as saying:
“Our people in diaspora see a lot of things that we that are in the country don’t see, and these are people that are highly exposed and know whatever is happening in the global community, and this is why they are asking for a separate nation, and I also agree with them,” he was quoted by the Sun at the weekend.
“We can have our Oduduwa Republic in a peaceful way through a referendum. Nigerians from the different zones will cast their votes and decide whether they want Nigeria to remain as one or not .
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“I agree with the Secretary of the Arewa Consultative Forum who said recently that we could break up Nigeria without war.”