Fatima Usman Narrates how her Father Has Been Sleeping With her since she was a kid (Video)

Fatima Usman

Nigerian lady, Fatima Usman, has narrated how her father has been having sexual intercourse with her since she was a kid.T

In a video by Vanguard, the 20-year-old from Owo, Ondo State in a viral video gave the name of her father as Usman Momoh Sani, a worker in a tertiary institution in the state.

In the two minutes 10 seconds viral video, Fatima alleged that her father had been sleeping with her for long.

“Whenever I refused to have sex with my father he would send her out of the house in the midnight.

“My father has been sleeping with me for a very long, and whenever I refused he would send me out of the room.

“If I say I will voice out, he would be threatening to kill me.

“He would bring out a knife and show me that if I tell anybody he would kill me.”

“My mother did not bother to check on me whether I slept in the room or not.

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“Anytime my father sent me out, and I slept outside, my mother would have slept off, she did not know what was happening.”

Fatima called on the government to help him get justice.

However, in another viral video, a man who claimed to be an in-law to Fatima’s father confirmed the incident and said the family had intervened in the matter.

He said; “When we heard about the matter, we came to their house and Fatima’s father confessed to the commission of the act but pleaded that it was the devil that pushed him.

“So we took the matter to our village in Delta State and the family said he had committed sacrilege.

“So he was asked to bring some items as atonement for the incestuous act and he provided those items, which include tubers of yam, goat, local gin among others.

“After that, the elders in the village warned the girl not to return to her father’s house that she should be staying with me.”

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He confirmed that the matter was reported at a police station in the town and Momoh was arrested, interrogated and later granted bail.

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