Donald Trump and Iranian leader
American president, Donald Trump, has urged United Nations to reinstatement  all suspended sanctions on Iran after the regime continued their quest for nuclear weapons.
United Nations
Recall that Trump in 2018 pulled America out of the Iranian and United Nations nuclear deal after citing breach of agreement, as he accused Tehran of enriching their uranium.
The US’ withdrawal from the deal forced other major powers such as China, Russia and the EU to criticize the US administration with Iran announcing that it will stop following the deal if the US permanently withdraws from the deal.

Picture of Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump has now revealed that the  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to New York today, Thursday, to discuss with the UN as the US wants all the sanctions against Iran to be reinstated.
“It’s a snapback,” Trump said at a press briefing.
“The United States intends to restore all the previously suspended sanctions on Iran,” he added.
“My administration will not allow this Iran nuclear situation to go on,” Trump said.
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“They will never have a nuclear weapon.
“Iran will never have a nuclear weapon”, Trump stated.
The 2018 Obama deal which includes signatories of Russia, Germany, Iran, UK, France, China and the EU was dismantled by president Trump in 2019.