Whitemoney and queen

BBNaija housemate, Queen, confronted Whitemoney for disclosing their private chat too Jackie.

Whitemoney and Queen had a heart-to-heart talk yesterday where Queen complained to Whitemoney that she is uncomfortable with him getting emotionally attached to Jackie B when he knows she likes him.

Whitemoney in the process confided in Jackie B about how Queen was getting obsessed with him and how he feels uncomfortable. It seems Queen found out about the conversation Whitemoney had with Jackie Band has unleashed her anger on Whitemoney in the kitchen this morning while washing some dishes.
Queen who could contain her anger confronted Whitemoney which turned into an argument but JayPaul helped to calm them down and settle the issue.
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“If Michael was here you and Jackie B will not be this close. The closeness is too much and that’s my problem and I’m not okay. I don’t want to share my friends like that”.