BBNaija's Peace
The newest BBNaija season 6 (Shine ye eye) housemate Peace said that even though her name is Peace, there is no peace from her this time.
Her reason, she said, is that many have wanted to take advantage of her wanting to maintain a peaceful relationship with people, but this is time she is not given room for that.
The BBNaija housemate Peace is open to making new friends in the Big Brother Naija house and said that she is looking forward to making new friends in BBNaija house because she needs friends to move forward.
Peace is a fun type of person, a preacher of love which she uses to maintain calmness. Still, she also said she brings war when necessary, depending on the situation (I am a preacher of love, and I also have an equal amount of madness, she said).

BBNaija 2021 season 6 (Shine ya eye): BBnaija’s Peace’s biography

Full Name: Peace Ogor
Known as: Peace
Age: 26 year
State of origin: Rivers State
Country: Nigerian

BBNaija’s Peace’s life and career

BBNaija’s Peace is an entrepreneur who owns a fashion brand for kids and women. According to Peace, she opened the fashion business for herself and have been managing it
BBNaija’s Peace said that her reason for opening the fashion business is because she loves fashion and will always love it. Her Fashion business is her main source of income and has earned her a lot.
BBNaija's Peace

BBNaija’s Peace’s hobbies and dislikes

BBNaija’s peace is a free girl who likes having fun; one of her greatest hobbies is partying and has revealed that if she is made Big Brother for one day, she will allow the whole BBNaija’s housemates to party all day and have fun.
Another of her hobby is dancing and playing with people. Peace said she would allow her housemate to play with her provided they don’t cross their boundaries.
Regarding her dislikes, BBNaija’s Peace has made it clear that she hates bossy people who like commanding others. She hates commanding people and will not command anyone but allow people around her to live their life freely.
BBNaija newest housemate, Peace, in her first interview, did not mention anything about being in a relationship, so we presume that she is single. Maybe she would like to mingle with the guys in the Big Brother Naija house.