Chris Ngige
The minister of labour and employment, Chris Ngige, has claimed he has three children in public universities in the country.
Ngige echoed this in an interview with Arise TV while reacting to the ongoing strike action by lecturers which has crippled academic activities in universities.
His statement reads;

“I have three biological children in public schools. They are in public schools; they are not in private universities. Unlike ASUU members who have most of their children in private universities, three of mine are here. So, I am a very big stakeholder in the public tertiary school system.

“So, when ASUU says politicians don’t care because they have taken their children abroad, Chris Ngige cares because my children are not abroad even though they have dual nationality – two of them have American citizenship; they can be in America but I choose them to be here with me.

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“So, ASUU cannot accuse me of not being nationalistic enough. Anything that will help the university system here, I am in the forefront.”