Actress, Sylvia Ukaatu
Actress, Sylvia Ukaatu

Popular Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu has taken to her social media page to give a candid advise to ladies who are up to 38 years.
The Imo State born veteran actress and single mother of one who celebrated her daughter’s 6th birthday 3 days ago urged ladies to get pregnant out of wedlock, If they are still single at 38.
She wrote: “6yrs ago, I fell pregnant with my damsel, and friends advised that I should get rid of her and move on with my career. I asked myself which career will be better than having a child that I can call mine. Then I decided to keep her. Now, she has grown to someone I can gist with. Someone that I would look at and never back down on my pursuit for greatness”.
“If at 38,39 and you are not married yet and you don’t have a child of your own, it is such a pity for you as a woman. Try as much as possible to be pregnant and have a child. Women don’t have time. At 35, some have already gone into Menopause.
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“I do hear people say having a child or children outside wedlock is a sin. Don’t worry don’t be the judge. Those same people that you fear would mock you when you have kids out of wedlock would also be there to make jest of you when the days are dark.
“At old age when you look around and no one to help you or ask about your welfare, then you would regret your huge mistake. Get a child of your own now. Get pregnant and become a mother. Be wise and don’t others fool you.”